Why a Blog?

Maybe because I love writing more than talking. Strange considering what I do for living!! But writing has its own advantages…that too typing. First and foremost the back space and the undo button. How convenient to take back what I said and put it in a more refined way!!  If only life came with these accessories….but no! And then there would be no scope for dialogues like “Shabd aur kaman se nikla hua teer…..

Who doesn’t like giving Gyan. Collectively the whole Indian society thrives on giving Gyan. you could be getting married, having a baby or applying for a job….Gyan pours in like torrential rain. some valid, some humorous some downright disgusting. But where would we be without this Gyan.

Sometimes though Gyan is wanted. About topics that touch me on an everyday basis which I can’t really ask around.

We will try and help you with those. Give you gyan to help you deal with life’s teasers.

So keep reading……


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